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"Over the years my voice has been commissioned for a wide range of exciting characters. I've played childrens' favourites such as 'Noddy' and 'Moomin'. I've also created cult figures such as Trillian from the 'Hitch-Hikers Guide to the Galaxy' for the radio. 'The Family Ness' is still shown on TV as is the Disney classic 'The Black Cauldron'. 'Animal Shelf' was nominated for a BAFTA."

Everyone knows Noddy... Everyone loves Noddy. He leads a busy life in ToyTown with his friends Big Ears and Tessie Bear ..and his friend the Pink Cat

"I was proud to play a character that was so much part of the English psyche"

Jimmy Hibbert and I played all the characters between us – 32 in all – in this BBC Television version of the Noddy in Toyland books. We loved every minute of the recordings, though it was very hard work remembering which character had what voice! For me the most difficult was Sly the Goblin, who had a rasping throaty voice – but undoubtedly my favourite was Noddy himself, whose voice I tried to match to his endearingly plaintive face.

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me as Noddy and Miss Pink Cat

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..with Mark Hall

The Clockwork Mouse...

..with Noddy
..with Mark Hall
of Cosgrove-Hall

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the Clockwork Mouse

..with Noddy

Visit the official Noddy web-site HERE

'Moomin' A well known children’s character from the books by the Finnish writer Tove Jansson, Moomin is a gentle natured boy who, along with a curious group of friends, gets himself involved in weird, spooky adventure that could only take place in Moominland. Opening titles...
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"I was the only English member of this all American/Canadian cast. My American ancestry came in useful here!"

1999 Bafta nominated, pre school programme

On the wall in Timothy's bedroom is a shelf painted blue, and on this shelf live his five little special animals.

'Little Mut'

"I was the voice of Timothy (you only ever saw his shadow), Getup and Little Mut. Little Mut was sweet, a miniature bear with a miniature brain – great fun to play!"

'Getup the Giraffe'

Susan and stars from The Animal Shelf

"Here I was filmed doing programme links with with Stephen Mulhern on CITV"

Susan with Stephen from CITV

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me as
Timothy and the Narrator

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Little Mut and Getup

This was Walt Disney's 25th animated film. More than 10 years in the making and budgeted at $25 million dollars. I played Eilonwy, an enchantress with special powers.

The Opening Titles...
In a land called Prydain, Taran is given a magic pig - who can talk! Taran sets out to protect him.

Only the pig knows the location of a powerful black cauldron sought by the evil Horned King whose forces of evil are searching for the the pig and lay claim to the cauldron.

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me as Eilonwy

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'Princess Eilonwy'

With Richard Rich, one of the Producers

"This was a delightful job in every sense. It involved three trips to Hollywood to work at the Walt Disney studios where we set the voice down to storyboards. (see picture) Sometimes an animator would come into the studio and draw sketches of me while I recorded Eilonwy’s voice. The final image of Eilonwy was considerably different from the original."

and others, including

The Family Ness

Jimbo and The Jet Set

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    Email: Susan@SusanSheridan.com     
Web: http://www.SusanSheridan.com

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"..exceptionally expressive voices by Susan Sheridan and Jimmy Hibbert"
- Tony Patrick in the Times on ‘Noddy’

Andrex, Pampers, Barbie Dolls, Odor Eaters, 'The Gossips' in Coronation Street commercials and hundreds more...

Hewlett Packard, DLA, Barclays

Children’s Audio Cassettes, from ‘Wind in the Willows’ to ‘Famous Five’. Nursery Rhymes and children’s songs. Educational and Tour Guide Cassettes. Serafina Pekkala in Philip Pullman’s Trilogy ‘His Dark Materials’ - this has won many American audio cassette awards
- and 'Mog, The Forgetful Cat'

MMcMillan Publishing, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Pearsons

Three series of ‘Round the Bend’ – Hat Trick Productions
‘Lost in the Snow’ with Hugh Laurie
‘Preston Pig’ also with Hugh Laurie
‘Father Christmas and the Missing Reindeer’ Cosgrove Hall

"..Much of her attractiveness…was a result of Susan Sheridan’s excellent
vocalization of the part [of Eilonwy]."

John Grant, ‘Encyclopedia of Walt Disney’s Animated Characters'

Jimbo in 'Jimbo and the Jet Set' (the charity 'Birthright' used this character for phone ins, where children phoned in for a particular story of Jimbo's travels. It raised over 50,000 pounds), Angus and Elspeth in the 'Family Ness', Lars in the 'Little Polar Bear', 'Dennis the Menace' in the Beano Video, MiLady in 'Albert, the Fifth Musketeer', 'The Goose Girl', The Princess in 'Muzzie', 'Budgie the Helicopter' and 'Paddington Bear'

TV includes: ‘Jake’s Progress’, ‘Inspector Morse’ ‘Northanger Abbey’, ‘Our Friends from the North’ Auf Wiedersehen Pet’

Films: 'Enemy Mine', ‘In the Name of the Father’ ‘Jane Eyre’, Jade Fox in the English version of Ang Lee’s award winning ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’
'Oscar and Lucinda', 'The Chicken Run' 'Brassed Off', Pu Yi in Bertolucci's 'The Last Emperor'
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